Caregiving is an unsung and silent ministry that many of us participate in at some point in our lives.  All of us have parents, and many of us have spouses and children and out of these familial roles comes the sometimes role of “caregiver”.  As people age, often a caregiver is needed and that role often falls to daughters, sons, spouses.  Sometimes a person gets sick and requires a caregiver, either temporarily, long term, or terminally.  Sometimes parents fulfill a dual role of being both parent and caregiver to a chronically ill or disabled child.  Sometimes parents continue caregiving disabled adults after their children are no longer children and the parenting years are ended, but the caregiving continues.

This blog is by a caregiver, for caregivers and about the ministry of caregiving.  I will be exploring topics related to caregiving, with an special focus on caring for the persons who are the caregivers.

Caregiving is a stressful role, and it can be hard, draining and isolating. Caregiving is not something that can be planned in advance.  One becomes a caregiver when a loved one suffers an injury, illness or old age, the timing of which is out of human control.  But being a caregiver is part of being in the human family, and is chosen in advance, when we choose to love each other.   It is my hope that by starting some caregiver conversations, a ray of light and encouragement can come into the caregiver’s life.  We are not alone.  We face a common struggle and carry a common cross.  We can reach out and support one another.    It is also my hope that this blog can serve to educate communities, pastors, churches, and families on how to see the caregivers in their midst and how to be supportive of them.

Welcome to Caregiver Conversations.

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