Sadness and Grief

Sadness and grief are definitely not the same thing.

They are different the way ice and snow are different from one another. There are some basic similarities, but sad is fluffy and soft like snowflakes (sad can still be an avalanche, it is not benign) whereas grief is like ice…it is large, it will leave you knocked out and bleeding when it falls on you from above and it moves through your life with glacial slowness, and can cause you to slip and fall in an instant. Snow and ice: Sadness and grief. Often occurring together. But not quite the same thing.

It is very cold outside today.

It is my experience that grief can coexist with joy.  Grief can even coexist with happiness. Like sunlight that shines on ice and reflects it back.  Like ice covered trees sparkling in the winter sun, breathtaking in its beauty, the grieving soul experiences these moments of light.  

So if I seem to be full of joy, maybe pause and notice the grief-ice reflecting the sun.

And if I seem to be cloud wrapped and dumping precipitation, know that I am blanketed in that snow-sadness.

It is very cold outside today.


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