Caregiver Survey

I have been gathering answers to the following survey questions from volunteer facebook friends, and I would like to open it up to any readers of this blog. So far I am seeing several categories emerging and some relevant themes, and I will be writing on topics that bubble up, as I gather more data. Feel free to send your answers to my email (see contact tab). Blessings to all.

  1. What is your relationship to the person for whom you are/were caregiving?  (parent, spouse, child, adult son or daughter, non-family member)
  2. How long have you been (or were) you a caregiver?  
  3. How did the intensity of caregiving increase or decrease as time went by?
  4. What specific duties do you perform to help the other person?
  5. What is your greatest sources of stress, as it relates to your caregiver role?
  6. If you could ask for three forms of help from others, what would they be, and who would you want that help from?
  7. In your role as a caregiver, finish the sentence “I wish….”
  8. How would you describe (without breaking privacy) your relationship with the person you are caring for?
  9. In what ways does being a caregiver limit your life?  
  10. What question did I forget to ask?  

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